At the Barre, Lidogouache on paper54 x 44cm
Big Headwearoil on canvas70 x 51cm
Blue Hatgouache on paper50x59cm
Byzantgouache on paper59x50cm
Card Playersoil on canvas50 x 60cm
Cats Cradlegouache on paper44x54cm
Couple gouache on paper26x22cm
Diamond jumper (diptych:2 images)oil on wood
Devotiongouache on paper59x50cm
Emil and the Detectivesoil on canvas70x91cm
Flower Ladygouache on paper13x18cm
High Teaoil on canvas122x110cm
Holiday Clothesgouache on paper59x56cm
In the Undergrowthoil on canvas60 x 80cm
Infantasoil on canvas80x92cm
Kings Cross Pondoil on canvas110 x 122cm
Lacy Collargouache on paper40x50cm
Ladies on a Plateoil on canvas60 x 50cm
Lady with Dancing Girl, diptych2 imagesoil on wood
Lido-Divergouache on paper
Lido Conversationgouache on paper
Looking Through the Aspidistraoil on canvas40 x 40cm
Looking Upwardsoil on canvas40 x 40cm
Mother and Daughtersgouache on paper49x41cm
Park and Rideoil on canvas102x76cm
Picnicoil on canvas91x91cm
Purple Grapes & Dressoil on canvas54 x 45cm
Rosegouache on paper48x60cm
Scythiansoil on canvas50 x 71cm
Sentinel (Left)gouache on paper76x152cm
Sentinel (Right)gouache on paper76x152cm
Shoppinggouache on paper46x57cm
Stag Beetle or Tortoise?oil on canvas 65 x 80cm
Surprisegouache on paper48x60cm
Synchronised Swimming Rehearsalgouache on paper
The Wavegouache on paper13x18cm
Three Kingsgouache on paper19x19cm
TranceOil on Canvas 61 x 51cm
Triogouache on paper59x50cm
Tripletsgouache on paper59x50cm
Waitinggouache on paper13x18cm
Wittering Reflectionsgouache on paper58x48cm
Wittering Sunsetgouache on paper58x48cm
Woman With BirdsOil on Canvas50 x 71cm
Woodland Walkgouache on paper45x55cm



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